So much preparation goes into Christmas but the excessive amount of waste it leaves us with is something definitely not worth looking forward to! So, we have some eco-friendly gifting tips that will save you from the most waste-producing part of the season!

1. Buy Organic for Adults

Organic gifting is just about taking an extra step to show them you care. Clothes, Food, Skincare and cosmetics can all be organic. Do your bit and be a green gift giver!

Fox Sweatshirts in child & Adult sizes twining by Tommy & Lottie at Nurture Ethical Baby Clothing
Mama's scarf by Ponchlin in Blue available at Nurture Collective

2. Wooden Toys for Kids

The excitement of buying a gift for kids and watching them getting obsessed with it is one of the merry things about Christmas. A lot can be taught through the gift itself and what better than teaching the coming generations about sustainability & going eco-friendly. Some toys like ‘Kinderpins Wooden Skittles‘, ‘Curvy Plus‘, ‘Wooden Spinning Tops‘ are excellent gifts that helps in their overall development.

Children's Natural Wooden Crafty Yellow Car by Love Heart Wood at Nurture Collective
Two Wooden Spinning Pencil Tops by Love Heartwood at Nurture Collective

3. 100% eco-friendly gifts for Babies

 A baby’s first Christmas is special and everyone’s already looking for memorable gifts for this holiday season. We think you should encourage new parents into an environmentally sound lifestyle; Organic Wooden Rattles, Natural Wood Teether, 100% soft cotton and vegan comforters are some that we suggest.

Purple Star Leggings for baby-toddlers by Little Leaf at Nurture Collective Ethical Baby
Luxury organic newborn gift box including baby grows, muslins and a baby blanket at Nurture Collective

4. Eco-friendly home products

Indoor Plants, bamboo mats, décor prints with sustainable papers and wooden frames, organic bedsheets/comforters, candles etc. can be great green gifts. Make your gifts a reflection of your good values!

‘Go for Green Gifting and Give Good Vibes’

Fantastic Fox Picture Print Tommy & Lottie at Nurture Collective Ethical Baby Clothing
A Mason Jar that can be used for gifting homemade presents and then as a jar afterwards. Eco Gift Wrapping Nurture Collective Christmas Blog

5. Digital Gifting

 “WILL THEY LIKE IT OR NOT?”- is the most common dilemma that every person goes through while buying gifts for their loved ones. And it’s not uncommon to dislike the gifts you have been presented too. At such instances, Gift cards can be a wonderful idea- they will save you time and help them choose whatever you like. Plus, a gift card to sustainable and organic products can be the most eco-friendly gift you can ever give.

Nurture Collective £50 Gift Card
Nurture Collective £100 Gift Card

The goal is to live in a way that sends no trash to landfills and lead a sustainable life. Leave your footprints and encourage others too. Go Low impact by opting for eco-friendly gifting.

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