1. Make sure your child is ready.

Your child is probably ready to start potty training when they are:

– Between 2 and 3 years old.

– Aware of when they have done a wee or poo in their nappy.

– Able to say when they need a wee or poo or have done one.

– Able to express an interest in the act of going to the toilet.

– Have a dry nappy most mornings.

2. Prepare

Preparation is key! You can get your child involved by letting them choose or shop for their potty (or potties, it is helpful to have more than one around the house!), choose or shop for their new pants, and get them to help in placing the potties in key places around the house. Have a little basket next to each potty with a few books and toys, some wipes and/or toilet paper, and a small bin for used wipes can also be useful. You can place each potty on an old towel in case of spillages. Put everything in place at least a week before you start, and explain everything to your child. They need time to get accustomed to these new items in their life.

Girl sitting on a potty with toilet paper for 5 tips for stress free potty training

3. Make it a Special Event

You need to plan to spend 2 or 3 days at home with your child to get the potty training off to a good start. The first day needs to be very exciting, almost like a birthday. Be there when your child wakes up, take off that final nappy, and let them choose their first pair of pants! Try to be as enthusiastic as possible! Have a small treat or gift (e.g. a cupcake or some cool stickers) ready in the house for the first wee in the potty, and another more special gift (e.g. a small toy) for the first poo. Don’t worry if this doesn’t happen on the first day, it will happen eventually!

a father reading to his son whilst sitting on the potty for 5 tips for stressful free potty training

4. Sit Your Child on the Potty Frequently

Aim to sit your child on the potty approximately once every 30 minutes. Sit your child on the potty: before and after every meal, before and after a bath, before and after getting dressed, before and after leaving the house (try not to go far on the first couple of days), and before going to bed and first thing in the morning. And every 30 minutes in between! Give them a toy or book to look at while they sit on the potty, let them watch TV while on the potty, just keep putting them on that potty until you get a result! Tip: children always need a wee first thing in the morning, and when they undress before a bath!

a boy standing next to his potty with his mum for 5 tips for stress free potty training

5. Accidents Will Happen

Don’t be disappointed or annoyed if your child has an accident. This will happen, so just be prepared! Have lots of spare clothes and pairs of pants ready, and a clean up kit ready for spillages. If your child has an accident, just stay calm, and reassure them – “Don’t worry, it’s ok, these things happen” – this will reduce anxiety, and prevent your child from losing confidence. It will take some time before your child stops having the odd accident, so don’t see this as a sign of failure!

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Imogen Champion a Parenting Coach and Collaborating with Nurture Collective

Written by, Isobel Champion

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