1. Know what you are up against 

You will feel stronger and more confident in managing your child’s screen time if you know what you are up against. Most of the shows, games, subscription services, social networks and gadgets that your child is using will have been designed to be as addictive as possible. Tech giants spend millions of dollars and do in-depth scientific research into how our brains work to get us as hooked as possible. It is scary stuff! A lot of tech designers admit that they do not let their own children have much (if any!) screen time. Understanding this will make you feel stronger when switching off, even if your child screams and cries. Screen time always wins, and your child will always want more, it has been designed to be addictive.

5 top tips for managing screen time parenting tips blog Nurture Collective

2. Prepare fun alternatives 

It is always a good idea to set out some fun toys, games and books for your child to dive straight into before switching off. That way they will be less likely to feel bored and cross that you have turned off their magical screen, and be excited by the fun activities you have prepared for them! Be ready to spend some time playing with them, or doing something creative, to ease the transition away from the screen. Show them that a real-life human playmate is more fun than one on screen! Spending time outdoors, a stack of storybooks or baking are always great options.

or we highly recommend:

Websites like:




Can provide you with lots of amazing ideas if your creativity levels are running a little dry!

Children doing Leaf Arts and Craft activities for Nurture Collective Blog Tips to Manage Screen Time
a young girl doing arts and crafts activities for nurture collective blog
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3. See the positives in screen time 

Screen time isn’t all bad and can be used in a positive way as a parenting tool. Save screen time for when YOU need to get something done or take a little me-time. Screen time can include educational shows like wildlife or history documentaries, and programmes about numbers, phonics, space, dinosaurs or volcanoes. Children love shows like Deadly 60, Horrible Histories, Fireman Sam and the Octonauts, which all have educational value. And even the silliest seeming cartoons will be teaching your child language skills and vocabulary, social norms and interactions. There are also many games available that teach spelling, times tables, chess or touch-typing, many of which are free. So, it’s not all bad!

5 top tips for managing screen time parenting tips blog Nurture Collective

4. Make sure screen time is safe and suitable  

Children become adept at using technology and the internet alarmingly quickly. Pretty soon they will be able to do things that you can’t. Make sure your devices are safe by making use of parental control tools and installing family safety software so that you can sure about what is and is not available to them. Subscription TV services make it very easy for children to browse through and select TV shows on their own. Keep an eye on what they are watching, talk about what they are watching with them, and use resources such as Common Sense Media (https://www.commonsensemedia.org/tv-reviews) to check if certain shows are suitable.

Adult Screen Time for Nurture Collective Blog Tips to Manage Screen Time

5. Check your own screen usage in front of your child 

Want to reduce your child’s screen time? Start by reducing your own. The children of today are not only growing up adept at using technology from an early age, but they are also growing with parents who are often distracted by what is on their own phone, laptop, or tablet screen. How often does your child see you look at a screen? Try to be mindful about what your child sees you doing, and if possible keep your phone out of sight during key moments during your child’s day, like mealtimes, one-on-one time, bath-time, bedtime, and study time. Setting a good example will help your child manage their own screen time in the future!

Adult Screen Time for Nurture Collective Blog Tips to Manage Screen Time

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