About Nurture Collective

Hi, I’m Mims and thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.

So where did it all begin, I grew up in Essex as an only child with my mum and moved to London in my early twenties I studied to become a contemporary dancer at the prestigious Trinity Laban Centre, real fun times but I knew it wasn’t my path… And I then became my mum’s carer after her life-threatening stroke, from there this then lead me on a career path into the office world… From Office Manager to Sales Executive which I loved at the time but I realise now how unfulfilled I was.

Then my whole world changed with the news of becoming pregnant and the arrival of my beautiful daughter Yasmin, I suddenly felt complete, and yet along came with it a deep and burning desire to love to protect and nurture this incredible creation! So it was then that I really started exploring where things came from, and how they were made.

It all started with Yasmin’s baby products, wanting them to be chemical-free and then it quickly progressed to her baby clothing and I felt that my eyes had been opened to a realisation of all the processes our products and clothing goes through even before it ends up in our hands.

Stepping away from high street brands I discovered there were some really great small independent brands out there doing really great things. Mostly by mamas and each on their own ethical journey, ranging from handmade, to ethically sourced to organic cotton. So I thought wouldn’t it be far more impactful to bring them all together and tell their story.

And equally how helpful would it be for parents like me to be able to find a range of super cool ethical brands together in one palace.

My mission was born!

I am on the journey of being more mindful and conscious in my choices and I strongly believe it’s all about progress, not perfection so please join me together this journey with an open mind, where we can all learn develop and grow together.

Welcome to Nurture Collective!