Christmas is a time to come together and celebrate with your nearest and dearest but it can also be quite a conundrum of what to do or how to recycle your waste. So here are a few helpful tips to curb your “eco anxiety” that we hope will help you declutter post-Christmas and get you ready for a fresh new year!

1.Recycling Wrapping Paper

While most of the papers say they’re recyclable, not all of them are very easy to recycle. They can be sometimes made out of mixed materials and can even be more costly to recycle.

However, there is an easy way to know if they’re recyclable. Simply, hold the paper, and scrunch it together to form a ball if the paper bounces back to its earlier form, then it is non-recyclable! And, if it stays the way it is, it is good to go in the recycle bin!

Nevertheless, you can re-use the paper by carefully removing the sticky sellotape.

(Note: remove the sellotape before putting it away in the bin, as it is currently not recyclable in the UK)

Wrapping of presents for Christmas, in Eco Friendly Wrapping for Nurture Collective Christmas blog
Wooden Acorn Christmas Tree decoration by Loveheart Wood at Nurture Collective

2. Donating Unwanted Gifts

Christmas time of the year is when you get so many presents and are not likely to use all of them. A recent article by Money Saving Experts says there will be 60 million unwanted presents this year. If there are gifts that are just going to stay in the cupboard, why not donate them? Many charities welcome the gifts that can massively benefit them from the post-Christmas sale!

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Children's Wooden Spinning Top wrapped up for Christmas by Love Heart Wood at Nurture Collective

3. Recycle your Christmas tree

A Christmas tree with roots, without roots or simply artificial? There are a few ways you can prevent them from going to landfill! For trees with roots intact, plant them in your home garden and add some compost. The trees will then be fuller each year you bring them indoors to decorate them! If the tree is without roots, enquire with your council about where to drop them so that they can be chipped and used for compost. Artificial trees however, cannot be recycled owing to the different non-recyclable compounds it has been made from. It is much simpler to just maintain them properly and reuse them for future Christmas seasons.

Christmas Tree for Nurture Collective Blog
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4. Check with your Local Council

If you want to understand more about recycling and how it works in your own Borough, get in touch with your local council. Enquire about everything in regards to recycling or anything that you are unsure about. There are also few recycle reward schemes rolled out by the government to encourage household recycling that you should look for!

Let’s welcome 2020 and this Christmas keep our waste to a minimum 

Do you have any tips on how be less wasteful at Christmas? Please share your ideas in our comment box below..

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