Along with just about everything in 2020, Halloween is going to look different this year. But it doesn’t mean that we have to “cancel.” Truthfully, we all need a little fun in our lives right now, so we just need to approach it differently than in previous years.

Halloween is an event where we tend to build up intense expectations for our children, so it’s no wonder when the day finally arrives they might have some surprising reactions to it, i.e., tears! This is not helped with the over-indulgence of sugar that night. With the focus, this year to stay at home here, are a few suggestions on making this year’s Halloween a good-un, even some sugar-free ideas to get stuck into with your children.

Prioritize Naps and Meals

If you’re planning on a Halloween party, ensuring your little ones still have naps (if needed) and three balanced meals before these events will help avoid overstimulation and dreaded sugar crash!

girls and boys all dressed up for halloween at Nurture Collective

Opt For a Sugar-free Halloween

We get that Halloween is all about the sweets however, there are some really cool, creative activities you can do with you littlies that don’t involve 5 tons of sugar!

These are banana ghosts and mandarin pumpkins. They are really simple to make. For the banana ghosts, just simply cut the bananas in half and stick on either choc chips or raisins for the eyes and mouths and you can also dip them in melted chocolate for an extra twist. For the mandarin pumpkins, you simply need to peel and stick in tiny pieces of celery for the stalks. Voila!

Another awesome idea and a hit with the older children is a vomiting pumpkin! Simply, whip up your favourite guacamole or smashed avocado and pour it out the pumpkins mouth. Delicious with your favourite corn chips.

Halloween Arts & Crafts

If your little ones like getting creative then Halloween is a perfect theme for letting your imagination run wild and making some really fun things! Such as bats from paper plates or toilet rolls or for apple printing pumpkins are simple creative fun toddlers. We find Pinterest a wonderful source of inspiration, so get creative and see what delights you can make.

Healthy Halloween treats bananas and oranges for halloween parties or trick or treat at Nurture Collective
Puking Pumpkin, a novelty Guacamole dip for Halloween healthy dip at Nurture Collective
bats made from paper plates halloween arts and crafts for Nurture Collective blog
Pumpkin Paper plates arts and crafts at Nurture Collective blog
Pumpkin Printing arts and crafts at Nurture Collective blog

Create a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Create a Halloween house hunt has 12 tricky riddles that will lead the kids around the house looking for clues.. with fun activities, with healthier treats and of course some sweet treats too! You cant be a complete bah humbug!

Read Halloween Books and Books About Autumn

Reading about what is happening help children to understand what is going on and can connect them to events that happen in the real world “That pumpkin reminds me of the one from our story that the squirrel chewed.” A few of my favourite Halloween books are My First HalloweenApples and Pumpkins, and Five Little Pumpkins.

girls and boys all dressed up for halloween at Nurture Collective
My First Halloween book for Nurture Collective Blog
Apples and Pumpkins book for Nurture Collective Blog

Written by, Lara Ritson

Lara is a parent consultant and the founder of Peaceful Learning a holistic nanny agency and consultancy service for parents wanting to nurture all aspects of their child’s development including emotional and spiritual, as well as, mental and physical. Based in NZ and consults worldwide she is offering a FREE 30-minute consultation around your child’s behaviour. Simply book in here: or email her directly: Lara looks forward to speaking with you soon.

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