Building your confidence to birth and hypnobirthing Megan Barton Founder of LALALU with a blog collaboration Nurture CollectiveIt doesn’t matter if it’s your first or your fifth time, pregnancy and giving birth is so unique it’s normal to feel nervous.

We teamed up with birthing expert and Hypnobirthing teacher Megan Barton from LALALU to give you some tips in building your confidence and prepare for your birth.

  1. A Pregnant Mama First Christmas Blog for Nurture CollectiveLearn How your Body Works

Words are powerful in birth and choosing the right language can really help. Where our mind goes the body follows and it is so important we feel safe and calm during birth for our bodies to work optimally. If we get anxious or stressed at any point, it can cause pain so making sure the use of words is not anxiety-provoking is a great start.

Contraction is a medical term, and it does not explain what is happening in our body. If something contracts it is usually uncomfortable. We don’t want to talk about uncomfortable things in birth.

So how does our bodywork during a “contraction”? Simply put it is the two muscles in your uterus working together. One is horizontal and the other is vertical and the vertical muscles surge to pull the horizontal muscles from the bottom of your uterus to the top, allowing your cervix to open and dilate. So, what is happening is not a contraction. It is a surge of energy; 2 muscles working together to open and soften.

So, if you remember this in the moment – each contraction which we now encourage you to call a “Surge” or a “Wave” is your uterus moving your muscles up. This will help you feel much more comfortable with what is happening physically.

Preparing and building your confidence to birth. Hypnobirthing with LALALU at Nurture collective2. Be Clam

You want to be calm and in your parasympathetic nervous system. Giving birth is not designed to be painful but we all know it can be and that’s because of your two different nervous systems. If you are in the sympathetic nervous system (known as flight or fight) then all your energy goes to your arms and legs – which is a not great place to be for birthing as means your uterus muscles will not function as effectively. You will have a message sending to your brain receptors which can feel painful as your surges become less and less effective.

So you can see here how this can spiral into medical intervention. This where hypnobirthing is really powerful and aims to keep you in the parasympathetic nervous system, in a state of calm and relaxation to allow your muscles to get the oxygen and blood supply they need to work comfortably.

Preparing and building your confidence to birth. Hypnobirthing with LALALU at Nurture collective blog3. Learn How To Relax

It’s crucial when giving birth to be relaxed so there is no fear and we can be in our parasympathetic nervous system. You can do this by doing things that make you feel relaxed and happy. The way we do this is by using our 5 senses:

  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Hear

Practise how to relax with your senses, you can use these as your go-to tools on the day of your birth. Does a certain smell remind you of happy and calm times? Does certain music make your shoulders drop? Do you relax when your partner gives you a massage or is a handhold more soothing? Practice these before the big day so whatever the situation you can take yourself from anxious to calm in a moment.

Preparing and building your confidence to birth. Hypnobirthing with LALALU at Nurture collective blog4. Practice Your Breathing

Learning how to breathe for birth is vital for keeping your body relaxed. Breathing, although natural can be a good thing to practice. It is one of the leading pain relief methods and believes us it can really help! A great technique is breathing in for 4 and breathing out for 6, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. The reason why you breathe out through the mouth is because the pelvis is linked to the jaw so If you have any tension in this area it automatically releases it. This is a great technique to remember and often used for anxiety, so not just for birthday it can also be applied for moments after when you have your newborn.

Practice is key – it doesn’t have to be the count I have set, work out what works for you and as long as the out-breath is longer than the in then it will work perfectly.

Preparing and building your confidence to birth. Hypnobirthing with LALALU at Nurture collective5. Know Your Positions

Getting into a good birth position is key to giving the baby as much room as possible. Have look and research the best birth positions that are available to you and which is definitely not lying on your back! Having your pelvis upright and forwards enables your coccyx to tilt back (due to high levels of relaxin hormone) and will open up 30% more than lying on your back. Look at positions such as kneeling squatting, or using a chair but remember U.F.O (Upright, forward, open) and avoid that bed!

6. Ensure Your Partner Has a Role

This is such an important role as they are wing woman/man and making sure they have a role is really important in creating the birth you want. If your partner seems stressed, you will be too. Ensuring partners understand how you like to relax and simple things like how you like to touched can really help in the moment. They also need to understand how to control your birth environment, and that they are the go-to communicator on the day. Hypnobirthing can truly empower partners with their role. They are crucial on birthing day.

Preparing and building your confidence to birth. Hypnobirthing with LALALU at Nurture collective7. Knowing all of Your Options

Make sure you are equipped with all of the knowledge of all the different routes that birth can take this will make you feel more confident in the moment particularly if an unplanned moment occurs. Understand every birth journey, even if it is not what you are planning, this will help you feel in control on the big day.

We hope you found this article useful and if you would like to learn more about Hypnobirthing and its techniques, take a look at LALALU ( they have launched a whole range of antenatal and postnatal courses digitally and 1-2-1 and some are even free. Take a look and change your birth experience today.

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