A child home crafting blog for Nurture CollectiveTeaching your children about sustainability can sound like a huge task but it can actually be really fun and great to capture their imagination as well as teaching important lessons about care and love and respect the enivorment and everything in it.

We put together 6 tips to help inspire you and your own little earther defenders!

1. Recycle

Its one of the most famous three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle… there are even catchy and some cheesey songs written about it..



Kids Recycling for a blog on Nurture Collective
Litter Poster

2. Pick up your rubbish …

This one brings back memories as a child of alwaysbeing told bring your rubbish home with you! This poster goes one step further and insipres people to pick up any rubbish they see.. You can even join you local litter group with 1,493 groups in the UK there is bound to be one near you… We recommend checking out Litter Action for more info: https://www.litteraction.org.uk/

3. Sort out the Recycling. …

Turn it into a game and get your little ones to help you sort the recycling and teach them what goes into what bin!

Home Made Cleaning Products for the Nurture Collective Blog
Child Gardening

4. Plant a garden….

Whether it’s a planting and growing herbs on your the window still or having a vegetable patch in the garden, there are lots of valuable lessons and of course fun to be had for kids.  The easy things you can grow are things such as Sunflowers, cress, and tomatoes. Its a great way to get kids to eat veg too! We also love these gift boxes from Mud & Bloom perfect for inspiring little green fingers https://www.mudandbloom.com/

5. Make your own cleaning products …

Make your own cleaning products at home its a great weekend project and you can generally make them out of most things you already have in cupboards.. we love Pinterest for a great source of inspiration or check out these blogs:

Friends of the Earth: Home Made Cleaning Products 5 Fantastic Recipes

Green Parent: Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Yasmin Upcycling crafts for a rainy day project Nurture Collective Blog
tree branch art

6. Reuse items for crafts….

Our favourite is toilet rolls they great for all sorts. make spaceships the list is endless

7. Get Creative with Homemade Art..

We love nature and craft it can be as simple as potato printing, leaf painting and we love Crafts Bomming blog for some more inspiration: Twig Craft Tutorials

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