Fun With Chalk Wooden Cubes by Educational Advantage at Nurture CollectiveWe’re super excited to introduce you to this incredible brand as we know you will love them as much as we do.

This month we chatted to Hannah Fogarty from Educational Advantage to tell us more about their fabulous range of wooden and educational toys that focus on learning through play.

Tell us more about the story behind Educational Advantage?

Educational Advantage was the brainchild of Richard Hardstaff and Cyril Dowling and was founded in 2006. They have used their knowledge and experience gained from working together for many years at Polydron to build a company that not only distributes, but also creates and manufactures unique, innovative and high-quality educational products.

Eco Magnetic Polydron Starter Set by Educational Advantage at Nurture Collective

Eco Magnetic Polydron Class Set £114.99

Getting About Town Wooden Play Set by Educational Advantage at Nurture Collective

Wooden Car Play Set £69.99

Happy Architect Dinosaur wooden play set by Educational Advantage at Nurture Collective

Happy Architect Dinosaur £65.99

How important is it to have sustainable products?

It has been an ongoing mission at Educational Advantage to design and manufacture sustainable products for the past few years. We have recently removed all single use plastic from our packaging and converted to uncoated, cardboard storage solutions instead.

We are also working on growing our range of FSC registered, wooden educational toys and games.

In addition to building our own range, we also took on the distribution of The Freckled Frog in the UK and Europe. The Freckled Frog is designed in Australia and they produce a selection of fantastic, natural FSC products.

We love working with our suppliers to produce and increase our offering of sustainable products.

happy wooden architect farm by Educational Advantage at Nurture Collective

Happy Wooden Architect Farm £76.99

We love the educational and learning element to your business tell us more about that?

We believe that learning should be fun, which is why we design products with the key element of learning but also to incorporate team building, personal development and most importantly – fun!

Eco Magnetic Polydron Starter Set by Educational Advantage at Nurture Collective

Eco Magnetic Polydron Starter Set £48.98

Tell us more about your new toy collection?

We strive each year to produce the most exciting new products and actively work with our distribution partners to create an inclusive product range.

In 2020 we launched our Eco-Magnetic Polydron which is manufactured from 30% wheat straw! Wheat straw is the by-product that is left over after wheat has been harvested and by using it to make a plastic like substance, it is an ideal zero waste option.

This year, we have increased our ‘The Freckled Frog’ range and launched a selection of fantastic, new FSC products such as Peg People of the World and Getting About Town!

Lightweight Balance Bike by Educational Advantage at Nurture Collective

Lightweight Cruiser Balance Bike £105

Let’s talk about your chosen Nurture Collective Icons, why you chose them, and which one means the most to you?

Earth Friendly PackagingWe believe that all packaging should be either re-usable or fully recyclable.

SustainableWe want to help save our planet and do our bit so children can still be learning in many years to come.

What is your favourite inspirational quote?

“Teachers encourage minds to think, hands to create & hearts to love”