Makers Next Steps...

Thank you for your interest in joining Nurture Collective! I am so thankful for you kind feedback and support which has helped us develop our thinking.

So thank you, and I can’t wait for our next stage as we begin to work together!

Nurture Collective is an online children’s boutique supporting ethical brands. All orders are shipped directly by our partnering brands.

If you like to be one of our Maker’s simply click on the link below.

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We love natural fibres because they are made from renewable resources and decompose naturally. Our makers who produce clothing using natural materials are generally using linen, cotton, silk or wool. These materials don’t give off damaging plastic microfibers in your washing machine - like their synthetic counterparts. This means that by buying natural, you are helping protect the waterways and oceans around the planet.


Waste in fashion is a big problem! If you spot our sustainable stamp on one of our maker’s boutiques, it means that their clothes have been produced in ways that do not use resources that cannot be replaced and that do not damage the environment.


At Nurture Collective, we believe being ethical is not just about how the garment is produced but who produced it? An ethical stamp means this maker knows their supply chain and everyone involved in producing and making the garments have been treated fairly.


Hundreds of millions of tonnes of clothes are sent to landfill every year in the UK. At Nurture Collective, we believe in helping to close the loop and encourage recycling in the fashion industry for all the family. Our recycled stamp means our makers are giving new life to used materials. Help us close the loop!

Made in the Uk

Our makers that create and produce in the UK represent our home grown talent! By being local, they are also reducing their impact on the environment and supporting local supply chains.

Gives Back

Our makers generously give back by demonstrating an ongoing commitment of monetary or garment donation.


These garments have been lovingly made by our very own maker’s hands. Big up our super talented Makers!


Organic materials have been produced without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins. This protects our little ones from nasties and creates minimal impact on the environment too.

Earth Friendly Packaging

Our makers have chosen to use packaging that is biodegradable or can be recycled.


These garments have been produced without any help or harm to animals.

Third Party certified

Our makers who have worked hard to be recognised with globally recognised accreditors such as Fairtrade or GOTS Certified


If our makers can show a traceable supply chain, this gives them top marks in accountability and ethical standards. They will get the transparent stamp!

Artisan Craft

Artisan crafts and traditions are a skill we believe in supporting! If you buy a garment with this stamp it means you are supporting our maker who is using a traditional craft to produce their clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to think of any further questions you may have and answered them below.. However, if you have any other questions then please don’t hesitate to get touch.

How does Nurture Collective work?

Here at Nurture Collective we focus on what we’re good at - which is getting your brand recognised- enabling you to focus on being creative and fulfilling your order - and together we ensure the customer always has an amazing experience.

How easy is it for me to put my creations on the website?

You will have your own login details to your own dashboard on the website where you simply upload your products on to site (subject to approval).

Will the customers be able to contact me direct to place bespoke orders?

Currently, customers will only be able to buy the products you have uploaded onto your page.

How will it work with postage and packaging?

The postage is included with delivery options when the customer places an order. The order will then come directly through to you, so you can accept the order and make and fulfil as normal. We want to keep the process as simple and easy as possible.

What happens if a customer wants to make changes to an order?

All order enquiries will be received by Nurture Collective; If a customer wants to cancel or change an order then the Maker will be contacted immediately. If the order is already being processed then the customer will be notified to wait to receive their order and then they can return the item(s) within the 28 days returns policy. If the order has not been processed ie not accepted by the Maker, then the customer will receive a full refund.

How will it work with Customers and delivery times?

For some of our Makers some orders are handmade or made to order so delivery times will vary from brand to brand.

When you upload your stock onto your page you will be able specify the estimated delivery time: ie Uk: 2-3 days Europe: 3-7 days Outside Europe: 7-10 days.

We aim to dispatch within 3 working days but if it's any longer then you will simply mark this in the product description.

Once the customer places the order and you accept it customer will be notified that the order is being processed with its estimate delivery time. Once you have sent the order you will then update this information through your page and the customer will automatically notified .

What happens with returns?

Nurture Collective offers a 28 day refund or exchange policy. The customer will be responsible in returning items to you. We recommend that customers track their orders in order to avoid items being lost. The customer will notify Nurture Collective that they wish to return their item(s) and we will notify you. Once you have received the returned item and are happy with the refund ie it is in a acceptable condition you then log on to Nurture to notify the return or exchange along with the reason. Nurture Collective will then refund the customer.

What happens if there is a dispute over the returns and the condition of the goods?

Nurture Collective will endeavour to broker an amicable solution between the parties and will deal with each inquiry on a case by case basis.

Non- Refundable Items:

Nurture Collective will not accept any returns received in a damaged or worn condition. Items returned after 28 the days of the customer receiving goods will not be refunded.

What happens with the returned item?

Once you are happy it’s in a re-sellable condition then update on your inventory and it can go back on the website for resale. If stock is damaged then please update as damaged using coding system on the site.

When do I get paid?

Nurture Collective will pay you directly into your account every 30 days net of the commission due to us.


This will be taken up by Nurture Collective and we will have systems in place to deal with these quickly and efficiently and will then liaise with you if needed. Any issues with Nurture Collective then please contact us direct via email or phone.

Sales and Discounts

Nurture Collective will be working ahead of time so proposed sales will be scheduled in and you will informed in advance. If you wish to put a sale price on your items you this will automatically adjust on the items when uploaded to the site. This will then be added to a sale section on the website as well as display under your heading.

Can I add more stock once I have made it?

Yes you will be able to upload more stock using your unique makers log in details It will have 24 hour approval then goes live onto the site.

What happens if I am not happy or wish to cease selling Nurture Collective?

There is always an open door here at Nurture if you are not happy about something or have any suggestions then please talk to us.

How will you promote and drive traffic to the site?

We will have a targeted campaign, targeting our prospective customer audience by utilising:

  • Organic Social Media Content.
  • Paid Social Media Ads.
  • Influencers and bloggers.
  • Using our own famalam and existing supporters to promote on social media.
  • Plus we are hot on SEO and will be running Google ads.
  • We have organised a Nurture Collective photo shoot an award winning ex-Vouge photographer to help create beautiful content for our website an socials (This is where we will need you to please send us your stock by 21st May).
  • Offline Events including our launch event (in London) to showcase your brands (we would invite you take part with a stall) and it will carry the messaging behind Nurture Collective and will be a family event.

Sign up to join the Collective if you are ready then please click the link to join.

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