So the idea behind writing this post was that I really wanted to share with you the changes I have made so far to greener and cleaner living. The fact that it is #plasticfreejuly actually feels quite empowering to feel connected to a much bigger movement!

So much so it actually makes my heart sing to see so many of us embracing #plasticfree and #zerowaste. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am definitely still at the start of my journey and I know I can definitely find it hard to make the right choices all the time especially as a consumer you may not always have access to more sustainable options or perhaps don’t even know about alternative options in the first place! So I hope you find some of these tips useful or at the very least encouraging.

The Eco Laundry Egg

This has been an absolute game-changer for us in our household! No more plastic packaging waste, no more chemicals in your washing or water and it not only saves you money but it really cleans your clothes too! An award-winning product they even support Water for Kids which is charity helping children get safe drinking water. This all-round winner as it lasts for up to 720 washes for just £24.99 – an absolute bargain!


In our household, we wanted to say goodbye to buying plastic water bottles for good but still have great and clean tasting water, particularly for us living in London! So this little beauty produces 4litres of water at the same time as removing all the nasties, and for us, we found it best to put it on overnight. A bit more of an initial splash out at £200 but we think it’s a worthwhile, essential purchase.

Icke baby bath bomb

So I have gone from looking from an organic chemical free bubble bath to one that natural and also plastic-free packaging as well as suitable for children. It wasn’t an easy find, but I have just discovered this fantastic Lush product. A great tip to make it last longer is to cut them up into smaller chunks, and we use them as a treat @ £1.95

Shampoo Bars

I love everything about shampoo bars, zero waste, natural and perfect for traveling as it does take much room and lasts for ages. I love the simplicity of this product £2.80 or a case of 6, and both have an offer of 20% off


A 100% natural Oral care range from toothbrushes, toothpaste to floss brand I just love there beautifully presented products which are chemical free, zero waste packaging, cruelty free, and with ethical working practices and ingredients locally sourced and made in the UK – can they be any more perfect?

Moon Cups

If you haven’t made the change I would highly recommend it, you do need to get used to it but once you do it’s so simple and can last up to 12 hours and completely natural, no more carrying around your tampons or them accidentally falling out your bag!

Psssssst- Past it on!

I don’t know where I would be without this tip and this was something I found really special about becoming a mum. The gift of passing on baby equipment and clothing, so it gets as much love and use as possible. When I found out I was pregnant many of my mama friends generously passed on clothing, equipment (and advice!) and the feeling of a preloved item gaining more use I found really satisfying. Especially as equipment is generally expensive in comparison to the short time you actually use it. As the saying goes Reduce, Reuse Recycle! So a little gem I have just discovered is Street bank which is all about connecting with people in your local community with any unwanted items to swap or lend – what a brilliant idea – but as always these ideas need people to participate for it to work so get trading! Alternative there is always websites such as E-bay, Spock or charity shops to find generally new but used items or even on local Facebook or mum groups.

I love power of sharing and would love to hear of any of your tips or tricks on living a more sustainable life so please free to comment in the box below.