Welcome to the second in our new blog series ‘Nurture Loves…’ where we will be talking about all things that inspire and nurture us.

These will be monthly bite-size interviews for our readers to read in a big comfy chair with a nice cuppa!  We want to cover a huge range of topics: mumpreneurs, events, people, ideas and products that inspire us and that we think our audience will enjoy This month we talk to mumpreneur Marina Persoglio founder of Nipper & Co a small independent business making organic herbal infusions and teas for mums and their growing families with a mission from saving parents from going bonkers, with a cuppa naturally!

Tell us about the story behind Nipper & Co and how it all started?

 My personal experience of motherhood was an inspiration behind all Nipper & Co blends. During my pregnancy I went completely off coffee – It smelt so wrong during pregnancy with nursing difficulties with my number one With my two very important little people, Max and Adam, I faced most of those sweet troubles of parenthood and I know how every little support makes a difference. My vision was to support mamas like myself with help of mother nature. I tried to bring the tradition of herbal teas, from my home country Croatia, mix it with science and what I have learnt during my studies as an agronomist and add lots of love and care while doing it. And that’s how Nipper &Co was born together with our first seven blends. From pregnancy, nursing, colic, relaxing and sleep to immunity and giving that often-needed pick me up cuppa when the tough gets going, I tried to cover it all.

Interview with Marina from Nipper & Co for Nurture Collectives Nurture Loves series Organic Tea Bags

Who is Nipper Tea aimed for?

Nipper & Co creates organic herbal infusions and teas for children, mums, and pregnant women.

Making the teas must have been an exciting part, how did you choose the flavours and do you have a favourite?

My son Max helps me pick out the flavours – and his favourite tea is Calm Tummy, although the Sweet Winter Berry Christmas edition is a close call. He loves the taste of fennel, but also the smell of Christmas 🙂 Kids Cuppa is my husband’s favourite, and that’s how we figured who the biggest kid in the house is 🙂

Nipper & Co Organic Mums Milk Tea BagsDo you have stories of customers whose lives have been revolutionised (finally a whole night’s sleep!) by your infusions?

I do get a lot of ‘thank you for a good night’s sleep messages’ and always lovely to see them but there is just something special when you help a new mum who has struggled with nursing or had a colicky baby who couldn’t settle, and your tea brings them peace. Those are the messages and stories that make you push forward and makes all those late nights of working well worth it.

We love that all of your packaging and tea bags are biodegradable and friendly to the environment, was this a conscious decision and does it add to the cost?

Yes, it was important to do organic and environmentally friendly products because I only ever wanted to make things my kids would be proud of. Being kind to the environment all creatures around us is at the core of Nipper & Co. If we want this world left in good shape for our kids, we need to behave responsibly towards the environment and teach our children how to do the same. It does add to the cost, but people are more and more aware of pollution issues and willing to pay a bit more if needed for a cleaner planet. In general, people care, that’s why we love them 🙂

Interview with Nipper & Co for Nurture Collectives Nurture Loves series Organic Tea Bags

What do you think about suppliers of food and drink can do more to be more aware of their impact on the environment?

I think suppliers today are quite aware of their impact on the environment it is more a question of availability and costs and effect on the price of the final product. I struggled quite a bit and spent a lot of time in research until I found an environmentally friendly solution, I was happy with. Some materials that are needed to preserve the quality and safety of food products are just not still available as biodegradable or recyclable. But I do believe the industry is going in the right direction and manufacturers and suppliers are looking to reduce their impact on the environment.

If you like the sound of Niper& Co and their yummy mummy teas then go and check them out here: https://nipperandco.co.uk/shop

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