Kaya Kamijo Founder of Amamama Kids Dungarees at Nurture Collective Ethical baby clothingWelcome to this month’s edition of our featured maker. We are talking dungarees and are super excited to talk to Kaya Higgins founder of Amamama and we just adore her ever-popular reversible African style Dungas!

Iron Reversible Dungarees by AmamamaTell us about the story behind Amamama and how it all started?

I first learnt how sew and how to make kids clothes shortly after I gave a birth to my daughter Ama (pictured below). I have always been fascinated with African fabrics since I came to London and it was pretty straight forward to make clothes with them.

Amamama Kids Dungarees at Nurture Collective Ethical baby clothing
Amamama Kids Dungarees at Nurture Collective Ethical baby clothing

Having a sustainable brand what does this mean to you?

This means a lot to me and for our childrens future and their environment. I want our children to grow up in a world where they are still able to appreciate travel, enjoy and see nature… as it should be..

Amamama Kids Dungarees at Nurture Collective Ethical baby clothingWe love the African style prints that you use and what inspired you to use them?

Me, too. They are funky and creative! I kept collecting them since I came to London years ago and didn’t quite know what to do with them until I started to sew. Going to choose fabrics are one of the most fun part of the work for me.  I usually take my artist friend who has a good sense of what looks good.

Tell us what’s most important in your designing and creating process?

I love challenges with something new mixed in with familiar things. And unisex colour and patterns!

Let’s talk about your chosen Nurture Collective Icons why you chose them, and which ones mean the most to you? 

I am proud to say they are 100% handmade by me with love here in UK by and I’m a mum who understands kids and design I want to encourage and spark children’s imagination with my colourful dunga style.

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Whats your favourite inspirational quote:

“Not all who wander are lost.” By Tolkien

And the question we are asked the most here at Nurture Collective is- Are these available in adult sizes? – Do you think this is something that may happen in the future?

Aww thank  you so much..Yes, I often get asked by my friends, too! I am considering it as they would look great matching……

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