Tell us about your story behind the brand and how it first started?

Well I first started sewing when I was 14, my mum was really good seamstress she had done a professional course, and so I was used to being around a sewing machine but she wasn’t  very happy when I first started sewing because I was really messy and there wasn’t much space around the dining room table.. So she said “Right this a sewing machine and this is how you thread it, and that’s it, I’m done!” So I taught myself which I think is the best way to learn – well for me anyway!

I’ve always liked making clothes for babies and a when my daughter was born I was just amazed at how quickly she grew out of everything!

I thought hang on a minute why I don’t design and make clothes that grow in length, so she doesn’t grow out of them so quickly.

I’m not sure what made me decide, but I knew I wanted to start a handmade business and thought people would see the value in handmade clothes, and being on maternity leave, I thought why not!

What inspires you when you make your clothes?

My kids, which is why my size range keeps going up as they grow! And then things around me, things that I see and fabrics- I get REALLY excited by fabrics, I love just patterns basically.

You also design your clothing patterns, tell us a bit more about that?

I design my own clothing patterns – the actual shape, because of the grow-along aspect of the design everything is cut a bit differently to how you would expect. I think that’s the bit I like the most designing new things!

How do design your sizes?

I have my own sizing system because basically, children’s limbs grow way faster than the rest of them, they grow much more in length than they do in width, so, for example, growing 6cm in length from one size to the next but will only grow a couple of cm’s across their chest. So by using stretchy and using the next size up in length, the cuffs are stretchy so you can fold them back making them last longer. It means it’s better for the environment and better for your pocket, which makes sense!

Let’s talk about your chosen NC Icons why you chose them and which ones mean the most to you?

Handmade: Because it’s my passion.

Organic: It’s only a selection of my items and further down the line I would prefer to use all organic but it just really depends on which fabrics I can get primarily I chose organic, and then all of my cotton I use to sew organic.

Earth Friendly Packaging: I try not have any plastic in packing at all, so it’s all wrapped in recycled paper, and the only plastic use at the is the tape and always minimal resources. My off cuts get used for craft projects and by schools for kids and if they make cool stuff that’s great too. So yeah I just try to be as conscious as I can, we are using renewable energy in the house too.

What are the next steps for Baboosh Designs?

My new thing is to carry on making new products I recently been making new things every day which I can’t keep up obviously, but I want to keep on making new things. And then I’m going to focus my marketing, and I’ve realised got a lot of work to do there. That’s often the problem with creatives great at making stuff not so good at marketing stuff!

Favourite Inspirational Quotes: Less is more!

Favourite Material: Jersey!

What’s your Bestseller? The legging pants in the clouds patterns in the past but now in the stripes!

We can’t get enough of Baboosh Designs here at Nurture Collective, and we love the fact that their garments such as leggings have a longer life because of their extended cuffs which roll down with the baby as they grow!

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