Welcome to April’s edition of our featured Maker of the Month where this month we talk to the wonderful Shiri Atsmon founder of Helpful Kids. We love her passion for sustainability and how it has inspired her to make a difference with her amazing brand. Discover her fantastic Eco Warrior Cards and how she gets kids to help around the house as well as fight climate change.


Tell us about the story behind Helpful Kids and how it all started?Shiri Atsmon Founder of Helpful Kids Maker of the Month at Nurture Collective

I started Helpful Kids over two years ago aiming to share knowledge about life skills and teaching children home ec. It’s a topic I absolutely love because of the benefits practising life skills have for children which I have witnessed with my own children. Moreover, the way we manage our homes has a big impact on the environment so it was important for me to teach not only how to get the family sharing the housework but also practising sustainability at home in a way that’s fun and interesting for adults and children alike.

Having a sustainable brand what does this mean to you?

Gardening activity book and tokens by Helpful Kids at Nurture Collective

Gardening Adventure Activity Pack *£9.95

To me it means three things, the first is making sure my products don’t cause any damage to the environment which means the materials I work with are either upcycled or recycled, when I use paper or wood I make sure they are made from FSC managed forests. No plastic of course. The second thing is that I try to offer eco-friendly alternatives to the children’s market so things I know parents are buying, such as activity kits or activity booklets, I create interesting ones that are plastic-free and where possible made from recycled materials. The third one and most important one is about sustainability and nature education, many of my products contain educational content alongside arts, crafts, fun etc. So for example my woodland adventure activity pack also has some “did you know” facts about forest animals and my gardening adventure pack has hands-on seed sowing activity as well as a scavenger hunt, but I also added questions adults can ask children so they get talking about the importance of gardening.

We love the tidy up games – most parent’s dream for their kids to tidy up their toys each night, how does your game keep the children engaged?

Tidy Bedroom Tokens by Helpful Kids at Nurture Collective

Tidy Bedroom Tokens £9

This letterbox set comes with a few items, the main part has 3 A4 sized posters, with a total of 24 play ideas which basically make tidying up fun! For example, you can play the Freeze game which is your child is tidying up but from time to time you will say the word freeze, and they have to stop what they are doing and not move until you say go. It’s just a little way to add suspense and excitement to an activity that otherwise can be a bit boring for little children. The kit also comes with two colouring sheets that show how children tidy up various toys, clothes and other items, as well as a praise medal and token. You can give those to kids if they have tidied up well let’s say for three days in a row or whenever you feel appropriate.

What is your favourite product and why?

Eco Warriors Flash Cards by Helpful Kids at Nurture Collective

Eco Warrior Flash Cards *£14

The Eco-Warriors cards for sure, these cards are for children aged 5-11 and they combine sustainability education with things like tidying up and learning how to take care of our belongings. They were designed to be children-led do parents can buy the pack and give it to their children and the kids take it from there, they read the cards which have lots of rhyming poems and different topics, and the kids are the ones that decide what new sustainable habits or I call them Eco Warriors actions, they’d like to embark next. I also like that the pack comes with a reward chart and biodegradable stickers which the kids love because we all enjoy acknowledgement and seeing that we’ve made progress and that our actions matter.

What is Your favourite Inspirational Quote?

I like “ one small action is worth a thousand thoughts” by Ai Weiwei, the Chinese dissent artist.

It reminds me of the power of a small action, we tend to think about change as something big and scary but if we just think about a small action that we can take and try to take more and more small actions we can really bring about change.

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