Welcome to February’s edition of our Maker of the Month where this month we talk to the wonderful Marianna Sachse from Jackalo. We love her passion for sustainability and how it inspired her to make a difference with her amazing brand. Discover her quality designs with a “wear and play” feel and retro style.

Marianna Sachse Founder of Jackalo head shot our featured maker of the month for Nurture CollectiveTell us about the story behind Jackalo and how it all started?

I started Jackalo after years of mending my older son’s pants and trying to find clothes that stood up to his active ways. I honestly struggled for a long time and found there was nothing that withstood active kids, was comfortable, and environmentally friendly on the market. So I decided to tackle the problem myself.

three kids sitting down and smiling on sunny day in the city wearing Jackalo pants at Nurture Collective
Girl standing in the woods wearing Jackalo Mac Coveralls at Nurture Collective

Tell us about more about your brand ethos around play, repair and recycling?

I really believe that kids should play and their clothes shouldn’t hold them back. So we design everything to withstand long hours of play. And we believe in a culture of repair. Not only do we teach parents how to repair their kids’ clothes, but we will repair any of our garments in the first six months of use. We all know that the most eco-friendly option is second hand, so we wanted to create a pipeline for our second-hand clothes. That’s why we buy back all of our outgrown clothes. We will then renew and resell them at a discount, and upcycle or responsibly recycle what can’t be resold. Our ultimate aim is to be completely circular — using fibres from our most worn-out clothes to make new fabrics for future collections

It a new year what piece of advice or tips would you give to parents about how to be more sustainable with their children’s clothing?

The new year is a great time to figure out what your kids really need. I always recommend taking stock of what you’ve got and focusing on a minimalist wardrobe. Having a colour family that you stick to ensures that everything goes together and that you have fewer items just sitting in the drawer, unused. Resist the urge to buy things for your kids that they don’t need. When you do purchase clothes for your kids, try to buy natural fibres where possible. Personally, I’m ok with recycled polyester for outerwear, but I try to avoid poly for my kids otherwise (it’s both better for the planet and for their skin!) And as always, support small brands when buying new.

A collection of the Jackalo pants in Engineer Stipe & Jax Berry at Nurture Collective
Engineer Stripe Pants by Jackalo at Nurture Collective

Let’s talk about your chosen Nurture Collective Icons why you chose them, and which ones mean the most to you?

Sustainable: Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. From organic fabrics to our TradeUp program, I want Jackalo to be as sustainable as we can be. 

Ethical: I spent 15 years working in public health and social work, so it is really important to me to ensure that people are treated fairly all along the way. 

Transparent: I really enjoy knowing where everything comes from. The fabric we use in our core collection is from a company that provides tons of social support for the communities growing the cotton and shares lots of information about where and how the fabrics are made. This is really important to me.

Whats your Favourite Inspirational Quote:  

Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.

-Mary Oliver

I love this quote because it is all about noticing and passion. These are things that are important to me both as a parent, trying to create space for this with my kids, and as a purpose-driven business owner who strives to notice the things that make a difference and share that with the world.

Three girls standing in the forest wearing Jackalo clothing at Nurture CollectiveTo shop Jackalo’s full collection: Click here

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