Our Values

Our values are a visual guide, designed to highlight the ethics and values that make our brands unique.
Use it to make informed choices based on what really matters to you.


We love natural fibres because they are made from renewable resources and decompose naturally. Our makers who produce clothing using natural materials are generally using linen, cotton, silk or wool. These materials don’t give off damaging plastic microfibers in your washing machine – like their synthetic counterparts. This means that by buying natural, you are helping protect the waterways and oceans around the planet.


Waste in fashion is a big problem! If you spot our sustainable stamp on one of our maker’s boutiques, it means that their clothes have been produced in ways that do not use resources that cannot be replaced and that do not damage the environment.


At Nurture Collective, we believe being ethical is not just about how the garment is produced but who produced it? An ethical stamp means this maker knows their supply chain and everyone involved in producing and making the garments have been treated fairly.


Hundreds of millions of tonnes of clothes are sent to landfill every year in the UK. At Nurture Collective, we believe in helping to close the loop and encourage recycling in the fashion industry for all the family. Our recycled stamp means our makers are giving new life to used materials. Help us close the loop!

Made in the Uk

Our makers that create and produce in the UK represent our homegrown talent! By being local, they are also reducing their impact on the environment and supporting local supply chains.

Gives Back

Our makers generously give back by demonstrating an ongoing commitment of monetary or garment donation.


These garments have been lovingly made by our very own maker’s hands. Big up our super talented Makers!


Organic materials have been produced without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins. This protects our little ones from nasties and creates minimal impact on the environment too.

Earth-Friendly Packaging

Our makers have chosen to use packaging that is biodegradable or can be recycled.


These garments have been produced without any help or harm to animals.

Third-Party Certified

Our makers who have worked hard to be recognised with globally recognised accreditors such as Fairtrade or GOTS Certified


If our makers can show a traceable supply chain, this gives them top marks in accountability and ethical standards. They will get the transparent stamp!

Artisan Craft

Artisan crafts and traditions are a skill we believe in supporting! If you buy a garment with this stamp it means you are supporting our maker who is using a traditional craft to produce their clothes.



Hi, I’m Mims and thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.

So where did it all begin, I grew up in Essex as an only child with my mum. I moved to London in my early twenties I studied to become a contemporary dancer at the prestigious Trinity Laban Centre, real fun times but I knew it wasn’t my path… And I then became my mum’s carer after her life-threating stroke, from there this then lead me on a career path into the office world… From Office Manager to Sales Executive which I loved at the time but I realise now how unfulfilled I was.

Then my whole world changed with the news of becoming pregnant and the arrival of my beautiful daughter Yasmin, I suddenly felt complete, and yet along came with it a deep and burning desire to love to protect and nurture this incredible creation! So it was then that I really started exploring where things came from, and how they were made.

It all started with Yasmin’s baby products, wanting them to be chemical-free, and then it quickly progressed to her baby clothes. I felt that my eyes had been opened to a realisation of all the processes our products and clothing goes through even before it ends up in our hands.

Stepping away from high street brands, I discovered there were some really great small independent brands out there doing really great things. Mostly by mamas and each on their own ethical journey, ranging from handmade, to ethically sourced to organic cotton. So I thought wouldn’t it be far more impactful to bring them all together and tell their story.

And equally, how helpful would it be for parents like me to be able to find a range of super cool ethical brands together in one palace.

My mission was born!

I am on the journey of being more mindful and conscious in my choices, and I strongly believe it’s all about progress, not perfection so please join me together this journey with an open mind, where we can all learn develop and grow together.

Welcome to Nurture Collective!