Over 235m items of clothing are thrown away every year in the UK estimated to be worth £140million pounds!

Its Zero waste week and we want to shout about some of our brands here at Nurture Collective that really help to minimise waste from the beginning of the garments life with the cutting and production techniques all the way to extending the life of the garment!

Jake & Maya

Reduce-Reuse- Recycle is one of Jake & Mayas mantras

What we love about this brand is that they take responsibility of reducing the waste of the garment BEFORE it even gets to the customer by using zero-waste cutting techniques, hence reducing fabric waste from the standard 30% to only 1-2%. Jake & Maya garments require in average 300g of cotton instead of 500g, that is a saving of a whopping 4000 litres of water per garment and 0% of textile waste would normally end up in our landfills.

They also offer a mend and repair service to extend the life of your purchase, and you can contact them directly: expert@jakeandmaya.com.

Baboosh Designs

Baboosh Designs minimise waste by making clothes that grow with your child so you are able to consume less. Jersey is their signature fabric which is super comfy and stretchy and there have cuffs come with the length of the next size up, so cuffs and waistbands can be folded over until they grow into them.

Baboosh Designs is also mindful about her off cuts by donating them to local schools and community groups for creative projects.

Kariki Studio

Susie Karfit from Kariki Studio is super conscious about their waste any misprints or end of line pices are donated to the Children’s Centre in Limuru in Kenya where they also donate 10% of their profits too.

Where Does it Come From

These garments are made out of Khadi organic cotton fabric which is hand woven and spun so there is no energy waste

The fabrics are hand dyed which means this technique uses approximately only one-fifth of water to which is normally used in the standard dying process.                                                     

Where Does it Come From clothing also comes with adjustable straps buttons and elastics to prolong the life of each garment.

They have also worked with artisan (Madge Hatter) to create brooches and hair accessories from offcut denim.