Easter is nearly upon us! Its no surprise it’s one of the UK ‘s most popular time’s to purchase chocolate – 10% of our annual chocolate spending is done at Easter.

With all those eggs comes a lot of packaging too. Last year it was calculated by Wrap a waste advisory organisation that around 3,000 tonnes of packaging waste is created from Easter Eggs – with a significant amount of this waste resulting in plastic waste which ends up in a landfill.

Easter Egg Facts:

80 million Easter eggs are sold every year in the UK and the average child will consume 8 of them.

Approximately 80 million chocolate eggs are sold in the UK at Easter which generates around 4,370 tonnes of card and 160 tonnes of foil waste. Most of the plastic packaging used is not recyclable yet, which means it will end up in landfills.

So, who is doing their bit to combat the packaging?

Most brands such as Cadburys, M&S Sainsbury’s have taken steps to use recyclable plastic and eco-friendly packing so if you are buying an egg the read all the packing carefully.

And here are our top 3 Eco-Friendly Easter Egg Picks – With kids in mind!

Our Eco Egg Picks:

  1. Montezuma’s Eco Eggs available from Planet Organic have stolen our hearts with their packaging their values and super yummy chocolate! Start from £7.49

2. These gorgeous Lindt Gold bunnies from £1.99 are widely available from all leading supermarkets and come in various different sizes with the minimal waste we think these are a great option!

3. Suitable for vegans and any dairy intolerances Moo Free Egg gets our vote a great range available from Ethical Superstore £3.99

Easter Egg Moulds from Amazon for Easter for Eco Eggs by Nurture Collective BlogAlternatively, if you are creative then you can always make your own which are much more satisfying and can potentially be kinder to your waistline! We found some great reusable moulds from Amazon starting from as little as £2.84

Or you can go the traditional route:

How to make traditional hand-painted Easter eggs:

1. Make a hole at the top and bottom of a large, free-range egg
2. Carefully take out the raw egg- and save to make an omelette!
3. Allow the eggshell to dry
4. Gently decorate it with brightly coloured paints or felt-tips
5. Add some glitter or recycled ribbons – whatever you can ‘lay’ your hands on.

Or you can hard boil the eggs. To save time painting them, add some food colouring to the water. Add the extra decorations when they have cooled down.

For some more tips on decorating eggs at home that create minimal mess check out, moms love blog and she has a fantastic range of different egg decorating ideas for toddlers all the way through to teenagers.

Moms Love Blog Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

tye-dye easter eggs from Pintrest Eco Easter by Nurture Collective
Natural Dyed Eggs for Easter for Eco Eggs by Nurture Collective Blog

And if you’re looking for an Easter gift with an Easter bunny that lasts all year round we have these gorgeous bunny prints available framed or unframed and ready to order click to shop yours here:

Bunny Print in Pink

Unframed £8

Framed £15

Bunny Print in Blue 

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Framed £15

Bunny Print Pink Tommy & Lottie at Nurture Collective Ethical Baby Clothing
Bunny Print Blue Tommy & Lottie at Nurture Collective Ethical Baby Clothing

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