Sustainable Living:

We wanted to talk about sustainable living and how we can all help each other with some practical tips and advice.

For us, it’s all about reducing our carbon footprint by taking a more mindful approach and considering more sustainable methods in transport, energy, consumption, and our diet.

My personal top tip: Is to make the switch to refills as much as possible with your grocery shopping.

We asked our makers to share their top tips and advice on living a more sustainable lifestyle

Sustainable Tips from our Makers:

Sustainable Living Tips by Noma Swimwear in Sustainable living blog For Nurture CollectiveStart believing that every purchase you make is a vote. Buy products you need AND that represent your values. And if you can’t buy a product that you need with your values (eg. certain foods only available in single-use plastic) then lobby for change: write to that company, threaten to switch unless they change. Lobbying has forced walkers crisps to sign up to a recycling scheme with TerraCycle, for example. In fact, TerraCycle accepts quite a lot of hard to recycle plastics, including toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes, and McVities biscuit wrappers. Annoyingly, you have to take these plastics to a collection centre, but this better than landfill or incineration.

Sarah Stafford Noma Swimwear

Sustainable Living Tips by Kokarcia in Sustainable living blog For Nurture Collective
I always carry my refillable water bottle around with me. Often the disposable water bottles you by on the run have been sat for long periods in hot sunspots which causes more of the plastic to leech into the water which is then absorbed into your body. YUCK! let’s stay plastic free inside and out especially when our bodies are made up of 60% water…!
Let’s help break the cycle of single-use plastic reliance.

Monique Horrigan The Dou-Doods

Clothes Rail Where Does it Come from top Sustainable Living Tip at Nurture CollectiveShop your wardrobe.  Before you go and buy something have a look to see what you’ve already got… it’s amazing how often we buy something we love in a shop and when we get home we’ve already got something similar hanging there staring at us!  When you do buy something new, make sure you love it and be proud to wear it – not just the style and colour but also what it stands for in terms of its impact on people and planet.

Jo Salter Where Does it Come From

Sustainable Living Tips by Tommy & Lottie in Sustainable living blog For Nurture CollectiveTo buy less but buy quality, buy local and try and buy
organic clothing or produce as much as possible.

Katie Carr Tommy & Lottie

Organic Cotton Growing in the field for top Sustainable Living TipsChoose the best sustainable alternatives and don’t be fooled by greenwashing. It can be difficult to wade through all the various claims made, and all the different types of certifications. When it comes to organic cotton, GOTS and the Soil Association provide the best guarantee that what you’re buying is not only truly organic, through EVERY stage of production, but also has been made with the strictest of ethical standards applied. Always look for the GOTS shirt logo to make sure you’re buying the best. …And certified organic cotton uses 91% less water than ordinary non-organic cotton. …And it feels wonderful too – it really is a sustainable swap that’s a step up in terms of luxury, no compromise involved!

Lisa Little Leaf Organics

Sustainable Living Tips from Our Makers Nurture Collective Blog PostBe organised and think ahead.  Unsustainable living is mainly about convenience and being time poor.  My main advice is to build it up slowly and don’t overwhelm yourself.  Its better a million people being sustainable living imperfectly then 1 person doing it perfectly.  I started off with a water bottle, keep cup and metal straws that I took everywhere.  I then tackled food waste and started making more meals/ snacks from scratch. I tackle one area of my life at a time, it starts with decluttering, really getting on top of what I actually need and my purchases now are so much more considered – as well as what I do with them after they have served their purpose.  I make full use of FreeCycle, Ebay as well as my school’s jumble sale – anything to avoid land fill.

Kate Bonhote Totem Kids

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