Christmas is nearly upon us and many of you will be buying toys for your loved ones, its estimated in the UK the average spending on toys at Christmas is around £86 per child (up to 11yrs) and each child receives an average of eight toys each!  (Source: NPD).

Here at Nurture Collective we are huge supporters of wooden toys and we wanted share our top 5 reasons why:

1. Plastic -Free

Wooden toys, are much more sustainable in comparison to plastic as they are made from natural material and are bio de-gradable so they don’t add to the landfills.

Recent programs such as War on Plastic and Drowning in Plastics have really highlighted how much plastic is a huge part our everyday lives and the damaging effects it’s having on the environment. Plastic toys certainly have a part to play in this and can contain harmful toxins such as PVC, phthalates, lead, and bisphenol-A although in very small quantities as toys are regulated British Toy Safety Standards – and EN71 Toy regulations in the UK are governed by a Europe-wide toy safety standard EN71

Baby Wooden Rattle Eco-Friendly Toys by Love Heart Wood at Nurture Collective
Going Green Signs for Nurture Collective Christmas Blog

2. Durability

They can go on for generations and can be passed on to be the family’s favourite keepsakes. They are strong and durable so if your little one decides to throw or bash them they won’t break or become harmful in any way. Plastic toys can sometimes be brittle or come with pieces that can be lost or damaged or batteries that ofen need replacing.

Wooden Spinning Tops by Love Heartwood at Nurture Collective
Set of 3 Wooden Crafty Cars by Loveheart Wood at Nurture Collective

3. Open-Ended Play

Plastic toys can be finely made and are fancy, but with so many options available it may get a difficult to retain a child’s attention to it. But with the simplicity of wooden toys it creates more of an opportunity for children to follow their imagination and allow their play to take them in direction they want it to.  Wooden Curvy  Balance Boards for example, is perfect to aid any child’s growth and development.

Child sliding down a Wooden Balance Board by Young & Learning at Nurture Collective
Two Child Playing with the Wooden Balance Boards by Young & Learning at Nurture Collective

4. Fosters Imagination and Creativity

Wooden toys are tactile can trigger the child’s imagination and interaction with others as well. A child can make sounds with the toys, paint them, collaborate with the friends and so much more!

Wooden Peg Dolls Family of Dolls, by Handmade by Love Heartwood at Nurture Collective
Child Playing with the Wooden Balance Board Making Railway Tracks by Young & Learning at Nurture Collective

5. Environmental

Wooden toys directly connect your child to the natural world. Unlike plastic toys, they are biodegradable and renewable. We think, choosing wooden toys over plastic is one of the perfect ways to love your planet and the family at the same time!


Some wooden toys can fade over time and are generally more expensive upfront but we think the benefits of the quality, durability and never-ending fun your child can have with wooden toys make them a better choice. As a parent, you can have have big impact on choosing wooden toys over plastic toys and they are not necessarily expensive so do your research and choose the right toy appropriate for your situation, look at the pros and cons and choose the best for your child.


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