Self can always and us Mums are no exception with needing their “me time” to be able to feel happy, calm, and positive about themselves, both as individuals and as parents of little people! This is true at the moment more than ever, when we are restricted by perhaps working from home, changing lockdown rules, school closures, and we are all experiencing a change to our normal routines.

We have been speaking with parenting coach Isobel Champion all about self-care and she has given us her 5 tips to help you give yourself so much needed “me time”

1. Do not feel guilty about needing some Me Time

New mums in particular often feel dreadful about taking some time to focus on themselves (even when their child is sleeping or a school/nursery!), but usually by sibling number 2 or 3 they have got the hang of it! You are not a bad parent for taking some time to be mindful of your own needs and focusing on yourself for a short period. Doing these things will make you calmer, happier, more positive, and therefore better able to respond effectively to your child’s needs the rest of the time! Remember the “You” that you used to be before you had kids? That person still exists, and needs a little attention sometimes!
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2. Schedule your Me Time

It won’t always work out, but at least if you schedule it in regularly, you should get your bit of Me Time at least SOME of the time! Aim for at least 30 mins per weekday, and a full morning, afternoon or evening at the weekends (allow your partner the same luxury – see Tip 5!). It will help your family to accept this if it is at roughly the same time each day (consistency is always good!) and don’t be afraid to use the phrase “I would love to do that for you later – Mummy is having some Me Time right now!” – your family will get used to it, and they will learn from you to take their own Me Time!

3. Do not be embarrassed to ask for help!

Women have always raised their children in communities, and a shared network of support makes life easier for everybody, and actually enriches the life of the child (and probably the other adults involved as well!). An isolated mother and child isn’t good for the mother, and it isn’t particularly good for the child (Covid-19 quarantine periods excluded!). If you think friends, family members, neighbours or child carers will think badly of you for asking for a few hours help each week (so that you can take a little time for yourself), then you are thinking too much! This is the norm and has been so for centuries of human evolution.

4. “MeTime” needs to make you feel GOOD!

Do not use your Me Time to clean the bathroom or collect the dry cleaning! This does not count as Me Time! Use your Me Time for some self-care, a pastime that you used to enjoy in your pre-Mummy days, or have always wanted to try! Avoid scrolling through your phone, and try to be mindful during your Me Time. Choose an activity that will capture your senses:
– Sight (take a walk in nature to gaze up at the trees and clouds)
– Sound (listen to a favourite podcast, a recording of ocean waves, or some music)
– Smell (have a special scented candle or body cream saved for these occasions, or brew your favourite coffee)
– Touch (what sensation on your skin calms and relaxes you – is it the rustling paper pages of a magazine or book, the rippling water of a warm bath or swimming pool, the grass between your toes, or your softest blanket?)

5. Accept that your partner needs Me Time too!

Everybody needs Me Time to be able to stay positive and feel good about themselves. It can be tricky in situations where one parent goes out to work for much of the week, and the other parent takes the responsibility for most of the childcare. But both parents need Me Time, and being at work doesn’t count! Allow your partner some scheduled Me Time too, but equally, make sure they get some scheduled Time With The Kids – a time where they take solo responsibility for the kids (maybe when you are having your Me Time!).
Occasional role reversal is healthy, and helps us to see and feel things from the other person’s point of view!

Imogen Champion a Parenting Coach and Collaborating with Nurture Collective

Written by, Isobel Champion

Formerly a top London nanny, Isobel specializes in creating a calming environment for both parent and child. Having spent over a decade working with children and their families in London, she is a specialist in creating strategies and solutions for struggling parents, challenging behaviour, and developmental hurdles. To find out more head on over to Isobel’s website: Click here

And if you have any questions on this or any other blogs feel free to reach out to her via her website: Click here

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