Glass Microfiber Cloths


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Teamed with our cleaning products, these will give you a clean finish like you’ve never experienced. Our high quality and hard-wearing synthetic fibre cloths work wonders on all areas, to leave a streak-free shine without any traces of fluff or lint.
Each cloth is colour coded to a certain area of the house like the labels on our products. So it’s easy to determine what to use in which area. You can clean your entire home with just three cloths!
Yellow – Living areas
Blue – Kitchen
Green – Bathroom
They wash fantastically so you can reuse them numerous times and avoid adding to landfill.

3 x Glass Microfiber Cloths

  • Living areas
  • Kitchen areas
  • Bathroom areas

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THE BEGINNING Clean Living started when a mutual friend introduced me to a Bio-chemist. They had a fantastic range of natural and biological cleaning products and I was looking for a new opportunity that had a strong cause and ethical purpose. At the same time Blue Planet II aired exposing us all to the harm our plastic waste and C02 emissions are having on wildlife and the climate. After sharing a few coffees (and cocktails), we decided to create a company that would help others to clean with conscience ©. One that is environmentally responsible, educates people and offers a less damaging way to clean our homes THE CLEAN LIVING DIFFERENCE Our formulations are way ahead of their time, harnessing the power of nature to give a far superior than traditional cleaning products. They are free from hazardous toxins and include healthy bacteria which completely breaks down and remove dirt and grime for a deeper and longer lasting clean. Our award winning range of cleaning products are 100% natural, have a wonderful fragrance and are safer for you and your family to use. On top of this, our Refill-Reuse-Recycle system helps you to reduce single use plastic waste. THE CLEAN LIVING DIFFERENCE You won’t find our products in supermarkets. We send them direct to you to reduce the amount of vehicles on the road, driving down C02 emissions. Our aluminium bottles are shipped empty with a sachet of concentrate, making them lighter to further reduce carbon emissions. Decant the sachet into the bottle and top up with tap water. As you run low, simply order another sachet and repeat. Waste sachets can be sent back to us for recycling too.

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