Mintie 350 Stainless Steel Drinks Bottle


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The Mintie 350 stainless steel bottle reduces the need for disposable plastic bottles and is the perfect eco-cool choice for all your hydration needs.

The Mintie 350 is the perfect drinks bottle with the capacity to carry 350ml (12 fl oz) of liquid

Durable as is made from 100% stainless steel
Taint/odour free
Safe – each bottle is made from 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel
With a bamboo topped, stainless steel screw top lid
BPA, Phthalate and Plastic Free
Dishwasher Safe (the lid is to be hand-washed)
A beautiful, sleek but simple design with a laser-etched Mintie logo

The Mintie 350 reduces the need for disposable plastic bottles and is the perfect eco-cool choice for all your hydration needs.

Strong, lightweight and built to last the Mintie 350 is made with the highest quality 304 food-grade stainless steel. Essential for all your drinks on the go and at home. Whether in the office, at school or on a hike the Mintie 350 is your ideal companion.

The Mintie 350 has been specifically designed to fit in the Mintie Duo Stainless Steel Lunchbox Set. Making it an excellent addition to your lunchbox. The smaller size also means a more proportioned water amount for younger children or for when you are taking shorter trips.

The bottle has a polished finish with no extra paints or materials to chip or peel. Making it even more environmentally sound. The Mintie 350 has a screw on lid and a stainless steel handle for ease of carrying and opening. The bottle is made from a single layer of stainless steel, making it very lightweight (therefore not insulated) and ideal for children, when backpacking or travelling to work.

Toxin, BPA and Phthalate FREE – the Mintie 350 is completely plastic free, there is a removable BPA free silicone seal in the lid to ensure further water tightness.

We use eco conscious packaging – all Mintie products arrive in a 100% recyclable cardboard carton, wrapped in recyclable paper for protection. No plastic packaging used.

The Mintie 350 is good for you and good for your environment, making it the all round smart drinks bottle choice.

1 Year Guarantee on all products

Mintie 350 measures 15cm by 7cm approximately

We really appreciate your custom and we want to make sure you are delighted with your purchase. Occasionally though, you may wish to change your mind. Please click here to review our returns policy.

Additional information

Weight 181 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 15 cm

We are Environmental Life and we aim to help people to make choices that are kinder to the environment by reducing household waste and the use of plastic and chemicals. We set up in December 2017 with a desire to reduce the plastic we are using and throwing away each day but also with a need to feel more confident that the food that we eat is stored in a way that reduces our exposure to BPA’s and other associated toxins. We are a family with two rather wonderful and springy children. These are our motivation behind Mintie. Packing up their lunches each day we noticed not only how much plastic wrap and foil we were using but how the plastic boxes we stored their foods in would often warp, smell kinda funky over time and always break. We had also started to read more and more about the the exposure to plastics and the potential harm they can do to us all. We searched the market and could not really find what we were looking for. We wanted something of a lunchbox solution for children and big kids alike that was well made, durable and didn’t break the bank. It should encourage us to make a balanced meal with interesting ingredients and keep them fresh until eaten. ​In order to guarantee no transfer of man-made toxins to the food with prolonged use, it could only be made from glass or stainless steel. Glass was ruled out for the reasons of weight and fragility. The stainless steel products on the market didn’t seem very child friendly and by the time you have added the extras needed for a complete set, rather expensive. So we decided to see if we could do it ourselves. We designed the kind of product we wanted and engaged with a number of suppliers to find the perfect package. We feel that the first offering from the Mintie brand meets our brief but over time we will refine it until it is perfect. We have always been a bit of a pair of “Eco Warriors,” or maybe more accurately “Eco Worriers” – knowing that stuff should be done differently but not really knowing where to begin. Making small changes like what we store our food in is a good step to making less of an impact on our precious world and also caring for our inner eco systems by reducing the exposure to chemicals each day. We are passionate about what we are doing, we want to provide our customers with an honest product, that is safe, reusable, durable, long lasting and has minimal impact on our world. We also rather like tasty lunches and snacks and have a hearty appetite for all things yummy.

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