The Sustainable(ish) Guide to Green Parenting Guilt-free Eco-Ideas For Raising Your Kids


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This Book is Launching on the 21st March But Is Available for Pre -Order Now – So Be The First To Recieve Very Your Own Copy of This Must-Have Green Bible.

This is the must-read sustainable handbook for all parents, from new parents to parents of older children, looking for honest and balanced help, guidance and support to make green choices for their family in a guilt-free, non-judgmental and practical way.

When it comes to the climate crisis, having kids is something of a double-edged sword. it’s a wonderful and joyous thing, but we’re instantly more aware of the responsibility we have to this new small person that has arrived in our life, and the realisation can hit hard that the ‘someday’ impact of our rapidly warming planet will be seen in the lifetime of our new child.

It’s at exactly the same time that All The Things pile into our lives. All the must-have baby paraphernalia – the clothes, the nappies, the ‘travel system’ (why can’t it still be called a buggy?), all to only then be rapidly replaced with the must-have toddler toys, pre-school toys… and so it goes on.

And to top it all off, the good habits we might have had when it came to recycling diligently, meal planning, or cycling everywhere pre-baby, are quickly out of the window as sleep, time and headspace are all at a premium.

But help is at hand. Jen Gale’s essential new book is packed with her inimitable practical, friendly and attainable ideas for sustainable(ish) changes you can make for and with your kids, covering everything you might need to help you along the way as your family grows up – from washable nappies to school uniform, family holidays to getting from A to B – and everything in between.

This book isn’t here to add guilt – that’s the last thing any of us needs. And it’s not about telling people how to parent – it’s about helping sort out some of the facts from the fiction (because as new parents let’s face it, who has the time or inclination to spend hours on Google trying to figure out whether reusable nappies really ARE better for the planet) and sifting through the greenwashing, letting parents know what options are out there, and then encouraging them to find the planet positive changes that work for them.

‘The most family-friendly way to start doing your bit.’ – The Sunday Times

The must-have friendly green bible of accessible eco-tips for families.

As a parent, getting out of the house with everyone wearing shoes (on a good day) can feel like you’re winning, so adding ‘being green’ to the never-ending to-do list might feel like the thing to bring all your spinning plates crashing to the ground. If that’s the case, then this is the book for you.

No preaching. No judgement. No guilt.

Instead, you’ll find easy, do-able ideas and suggestions for you to pick and choose from, try out and adapt. Plus bucketfuls of encouragement as you explore what works for you and your family.

“Jen’s action-packed book is so do-able, she makes everything sound straightforward and look easy.  I love her sense of humour, and her can-do attitude.” Melissa Hemsley

Jen Gale is an ordinary, knackered mum of two whose life changed when she dragged her family into a year of buying nothing new. Jen is the author of The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide and runs the hugely successful blog A Sustainable Life, plus hosts the Sustainable(ish) podcast. She is the proud founder of the Knackered Mums Eco Club and was the winner of Britain’s Greenest Family Award in 2020. Jen lives in Wiltshire with her family.

Green Tree
Trade Paperback
234 x 153mm
224 pp
line drawings throughout


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I’m Jen Gale and I am a really passionate believer in the power that we all have, to change the world. I don’t know about you, but for me, sometimes the world right now can feel like a pretty scary place. Climate change is well and truly here and the effects are being felt all around the globe. At the same time, it can feel like our politicians and leaders are making short-sighted decisions based on profit and popularity, rather than on what the planet and our future needs. As one person, one family, it can feel like we are powerless to change it. But we can. Each time we make a different, more conscious, more thoughtful choice, about what we buy, or what we don’t buy (choosing to re-use or repair instead) we are changing the world. Here at Sustainable(ish), you will find practical inspiration for small easy steps to get started living a more sustainable lifestyle, and to consume more consciously. Steps that we can all take, without having to shun the shops, and live off-grid in a yurt in the woods (not that there is anything wrong with living off-grid in a yurt in the woods if that is what floats your boat).

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