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This washing up soap bar is the simplest yet effective solution to clean dishes without plastic bottles. Sustainable living at its simplest.

This washing up soap bar is the simplest yet effective solution to clean dishes without plastic bottles.

Keep this eco-friendly washing up bar by your sink as a companion to help you get rid of grease and food from plates, pans and surfaces.

The cleaning power comes from a combination of coconut oil, lemon oil, citric acid and washing soda.

Instructions of use – Rub your sponge, scourer or brush into it and wash up. Repeat as necessary. Let your bar dry between uses and it’ll last you a long time.

This washing up bar weighs 130g and is handmade with love in the UK.

Ingredients – Coconut oil (Sodium Cocoate), Lemon essential oil (Citrus Limon Oil), Citric acid, Sodium carbonate. Allergens occuring naturally in essential oils – limonene, linalool, citral, geraniol.

Product Packaging – Recyclable card slip.

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For a long time, I was apathetic myself about the environment. I knew I cared about the planet, but this didn’t match the way I lived. I didn’t think to take responsibility for my waste, for the people who made my products or for the impact of making them. I experienced a turning point in a conversation with a colleague at work, called Khaled, who plainly led a life where he saw his responsibility, not just in terms of negative impact, but in the social contribution he could make. He led a life of purpose which inspired me. I left my job soon after and volunteered for two months in the Peruvian Amazon within a disadvantaged community. There, I came across areas of deforestation, and riversides filled with plastic and rubbish. Poverty there meant that the people I knew had very few choices as to how they could live. There were no options to protect the environment and if there had been, these people had more pressing worries. Returning home to Wales, I realised just how free we are in the UK to make the right choices. It was around the time of Blue Planet II being released and there was a feeling of momentum that something needed to change in the way we were living. I knew by then that I wanted to help people live in a way that was sustainable, and started researching ways to create an eco-friendly home. The inspiration for my idea for Authentic House came from seeing a simple fuzzy washing up brush made of coconut fibres. It was beautiful, practical and such an obvious alternative to a plastic brush. I found more small products like this and realised that eco-friendly living is easier than people think. A change can begin with the smallest step. I launched eco-friendly gift boxes to make this lifestyle change effortless for people, and to help them find ethical products and makers that really did match their values.

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