1. Talk about school in a positive way 

Talk about school regularly using positive language and a cheerful tone of voice. You and your child are probably both feeling anxious and nervous about school, but try to set a good example for your child by talking about school in a positive way. Talk about all the good things to look forward to about starting school: getting to spend all day with other children (like a giant playdate!), playing in the playground, meeting lovely teachers, doing lots of fun activities, and learning lots of cool stuff. Make school sound like a fun place, a positive place to be. Smile when you talk about school and try to act as if you are excited about it (even if you are crying on the inside!)!

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2. Acknowledge your child’s fears and worries (and your own!)

Your child probably will have very mixed feeling about starting school, and they need to know that this is ok. Check-in with them regularly, and ask them how they are feeling. When your child does express fears or worries about starting school, don’t brush them off, tell them that you understand how they feel and that it is totally normal for them to feel that way. Tell them these feelings won’t last long, and they will soon get used to school. Give them lots of physical and verbal love and affection and reassurance. You will probably also have very mixed feelings about your child starting school, and this is also totally normal and understandable! Don’t bottle these up, talk to friends and family members about your feelings (talking always helps!), but if possible try to maintain a positive outlook in front of your child, you need to be their rock and their safety net.

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3. Rehearse the routine, and practice snappy goodbyes

To ease your child into their school routine, start gradually easing into their “school” wake-up time, breakfast-time, and getting-dressed-time towards the end of the summer holidays. Practice leaving the house on time, go for a walk – and if possible walk to or past the school. Do some “school” activities at home – worksheets or workbooks, you could even pretend-play being at school (you are the teacher, they are the student, and then switch roles). If possible have a few playdates with future classmates. You could also try getting some storybooks about characters starting a new school. Find out how the school day works (drop-offs, pick-ups, snack time, lunchtime, playtime) and what social distancing measures will be in place so that you can talk these through with your child, and you will both be mentally prepared. Practice saying short and snappy goodbyes (“See you later alligator”, “In a while, crocodile!” is often a good one!).

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4. Take it easy at the start

Acknowledge to yourself that when the time comes for your child to start school in September, it will probably be quite a bumpy and emotional ride for both of you. This is very normal, and it is likely that you and your child will both experience some separation anxiety. Don’t try to push too hard for a strict before-and-after school routine straight away. If your child has enjoyed more treats or screen time during lockdown, has eaten their dinner on the sofa, or worn their pyjamas for much of the day, let them continue to do these things wherever possible before and after school – this will ease the transition between the summer holidays, and the new school term. You can make gradual changes to the routine once they have settled into school. Accept your own emotions as normal and be mindful of your own well-being at this stressful time! Reach out for extra support if you need it. Try talking about your feelings to with a friend, family member, health professional or counsellor. (Or if you prefer you could always give me a call! I am always happy to chat about any parenting issue! – details are at the end of the blog)

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5. Plan lots of nice treats and family activities for September

Starting school will be a daunting cloud on the horizon for you and your child. To add a few rays of sunshine, try to plan some nice things to look forward to in September, discuss this with your child, and let them make some suggestions. Write them down on a piece of paper and stick them up in the kitchen as a visual reminder. Maybe you could give your child an extra special treat for breakfast each day before school, let them have their favourite food for dinner after school, watch a new movie on Friday night, and plan something special for the weekend, like pony-riding or a trip to the seaside. And don’t forget to plan some nice treats and activities for yourself for those precious few hours when your child will be in school! You need something to look forward to as well! Don’t worry, transitions are always hard, but you and your child will soon get used to this new phase in your lives!

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