After spending hours choosing and buying your perfect Christmas gifts then comes the arduous task of wrapping… only then to see it all the paper ripped off in a nanosecond on the big day and then finishes up in the bin!

To me the wrapping  of a present is all part of the the joy of giving and receiving gifts and unwrapping a present it is a moment we all love to share in the festive season. But did you know its estimated that us Brits will throw away 108 million rolls of wrapping paper this year and bin almost 100 million black bags full of packaging from toys and gifts!

So we thought we would share some sustainable tips to help make your Christmas a little more eco-friendly, save you money and you can even get creative!


The traditional Japanese cloth wrapping technique that embraces the philosophy of being eco-friendly. The idea is to neatly fold the cloth and tie the knot in a way that suits your gift. You can even play with the colour and the patterns on the cloth to make it suit the occasion! And then, the receiver can always use it to present it to someone else

Furoshiki the Traditional Japanese wrapping of presents for Christmas, Eco Friendly Wrapping for Nurture Collective Christmas blog
Wrapping presents for Christmas, in Eco Friendly Wrapping with Cinnamon Sticks Sprigs of Christmas Tree and for Nurture Collective Christmas blog

2.  Newspapers

If folded properly on a box mostly, newspapers can look very neat. The newspapers from a different language or a page from the comic section will look really cool as well. Be sure to add small ribbons, flowers, twigs or any accessory you want to décor the paper with. And voila, your sustainable eco-friendly wrapped is ready to be presented!

3. Cloth Bags

A gift within a gift! Yes, cloth bags are cute sustainable options that everyone uses these days. You can choose a nice one or customize them for the person you are gifting it to. Simply, slid your main gift in it and they will remember you for your thoughtfulness every time the bag comes in handy as well.

A Tote Bag for a sustainable gift Wrapping Tips for Nurture Collective Blog
Cotton Tote Bag for wooden Spinning Tops for eco wrapping paper eco gifting Christmas blog

4. Papers from Old Books

Have some Atlas books from school? Or old magazines? Or even an old encyclopedia?

Great, just use them to wrap your gifts in and you have a reused but original gift wrap paper!

5. Containers Boxes Mason Jars

If you have tiny but precious gifts, you can skip the wrapper itself and use any of the above! You can embellish them with some more accessories if you like. Just make sure the package is opaque to keep the surprise up!

They are countless ways you can explore your creativity. These little changes can do a lot to inspire others and look after the planet, so go on and set a new trend this Christmas!

A Very Merry Christmas from Nurture Collective!

A Mason Jar that can be used for gifting homemade presents and then as a jar afterwards. Eco Gift Wrapping Nurture Collective Christmas Blog
A Mason Jar that can be used for gifting homemade presents and then as a jar afterwards. Eco Gift Wrapping Nurture Collective Christmas Blog

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