Baby comforters are great in helping babies and children feel calmer and more secure.

Here are our 4 reasons why we think they will be your childs best friend!

White Bandit Doudoods Bandit Baby Comforter at Nurture Collective Ethical Baby1. Helps your baby self-soothe

When you’re bonding with your baby, or trying to help them sleep we recommend wearing the comforter inside your top for a few hours, so that it will absorb you scent. Your baby will instantly feel calmer and reassured by the scent of your smell.

baby wrapped in Little Leaf Organics Muslin at Nurture Collective2. Makes babies independent

Comforters can also help a child  to feel more independent and not always feel the need to be “clingy” with parents – especially when they’re about to sleep!

Sleeping Toddler Cuddling a Doudoods Bandit Baby Comforter at Nurture Collective Ethical Baby3. They are the Perfect Travel Companion!

Baby comforters like muslins, blankies, soft toys and dummies are very easy to carry when you’re out and about. Its a good idea to have spares in case they get lost!

Sleepy Baby Cuddling blue-Doudoods Baby Comforter at Nurture Collective4. A Baby’s Best Friend

They become your baby’s or child’s best friend! Most of us have fond memories of our favourite childhood comforter or cuddly toy.

It’s important to choose the right type of comforter that works for you and your baby. We recommend comforters that are made from natural materials or fibres, such as organic cotton or muslin are hardwearing and easy to clean. They also absorb your scents effectively.

Remember your baby will hug, play and even chew on them so make sure there are no small parts or lose stitches that could be hazardous.

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