An Interview with Inbar Lee Hyams, author of The Big PickSure Book: A Tale of Conscious Consumption for Kids

1. What is the big idea behind The Big PickSure Book?

 From a young age, kids are taught to consume in a way that disconnects them from nature, animals, other cultures, and even themselves. The Big PickSure Book asks big-picture questions that help kids zoom out from all the ‘more’ messages to which they’re constantly exposed. They learn to follow their natural sense of self-worth, curiosity, and compassion to make better choices as they grow up in the era of excess.

The Big Picksure Book by Inbar Hyams at Nurture Collective
The Big Picksure Book by Inbar Hyams at Nurture Collective

2. What is the meaning behind the names ‘OuiChoose’ (pronounced: we choose) and ‘The Big PickSure Book’?

 They both involve wordplay. There’s the collective ‘we’ + the French word for ‘yes’, as in, “yes! make a choice”. As consumers, we make tons of choices every day – what to eat, wear, watch, read. Kids too. We want to help them make those choices more consciously.

“If we don’t understand the impact of our choices, how can we align them with our values?”

The Big Picksure Book by Inbar Hyams at Nurture Collective

3. What inspired you and Yael Nahum to create the book?

 We’re both moms to young children, and we were both pretty heartbroken by the amount of disinformation that’s out there about what and how to consume. The most widespread estimates show that we’re exposed to about 5000 ads a day, from print to digital, to audio. Even if you limit children’s’ screen time, that’s still a lot. And kids are unfairly targeted in all kinds of ways. So if it’s confusing to us, imagine how confusing it is to them! 

We also felt that there was too much focus on providing limited answers, instead of encouraging kids to learn to ask questions about our consumption habits. When you’re dealing with issues as complex as the global materials economy, which includes extraction, production, distribution, consumption and disposal – there are no simple answers. To create a circular economy, we need a paradigm shift in the way we think as consumers – and there’s no alternative to learning to ask the right questions. Feel-good replies that keep the status quo intact won’t help the planet.

The Big Pick Sure Book By Inbar Hyams at Nurture Collective



The Big PickSure Book is available in-store, online now. To purchase your copy please click here

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