The average child uses £11,000 worth of clothing whilst growing up and its estimated that 183 million items of outgrown baby clothing are kept in storage!

(Quoted from love your

Its  #zerowasteweek and I wanted to highlight how we can all do our bit with this simple motto: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. When it comes to my daughter;  along with her clothes seem to keep growing and growing! So how do we keep things to a minimum?

Here are some of my top tips for living a less cluttered life which will SAVE your amount of washing, SAVE on your wallet and overall hopefully REDUCE your impact.

Pass on clothes

To love ones when you have finished with them – so many of us grew up on hand me downs!

Just say No

To clothes, if they’re not for you! It’s great to pass on clothes but make sure you accept them if it’s clothing your child needs or even fits their life! I have said yes too many clothes that have been passed on, and we ended up enough to clothes for three children when we only have just the one!


To local charity shops or perhaps even pass on to a  children’s nursery/centre they always need spare clothes.

Re-sell clothes

On platforms such as eBay, Gumtree or apps like Facebook or Shpock.

Or perhaps set up your own a pre-loved Instagram account to re-sell your children’s clothing – especially if they have a popular style such as the vintage. Plus a really great way to buy quality second-hand pieces too!

Accounts that we love: @scandiminis@omykosh and @from_our_closet

Support Ethical Brands

Support ethical clothing brands that reflect your values. Brands such as Jake & Maya where they are made with zero waste cutting techniques and designed to grow with your child so the clothing lasts much longer than most clothing.

Capsule Wardrobe

Create a capsule wardrobe for either the season of the year, or age group (1-2yrs) with a fixed number of pieces, 30-35 is recommended and stick to this!

(I know this is not possible if your child is under 2years as its a non-stop growth spurt, which is why pass me on works great as often items can be hardly worn)

Gifts & Presents

My friends & family love to buy my daughter clothing which is beautiful but can sometimes be unnecessary, so by making everyone aware that you’re trying to live more sustainably can help avoid these situations.

Mend and Repair clothing

I love this and find it quite a satisfying thing to do especially as for kids it will often be a favourite item of their clothing, and repairing and mending is such as simple thing to do, either by hand or by a machine.

Plus it adds to the story- which kids always love!

We have a great little mend & repair video courtesy of Love Your Clothes for step by step basic hand and machine repairs.

For more tips and advice check out the government advisory website into advice for buying better and making clothes last longer LOVE YOUR CLOTHES.

We would love to hear your feedback and what works for you?


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