It seems measures and guidelines are changing daily but the UK government has just announced that face masks for public transport will now be mandatory and with some things returning normal along with some schooling you may be wondering what kind of face mask should your child be wearing? So we thought we talk through some of the face mask options currently available on our website.

Here are some our mask that are worth considering:

1. Contour Face Mask for Kids

The contoured face mask comes with two layers of quilting cotton, filter pocket, and elastic that loops behind the head and not behind the ears. This reduces the pressure on your child’s ears and prevents headaches due to extended wear.

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Contoured Face Masks in Denim Blue front view by Jackalo at Nurture Collective

2. Organic Cotton Face Masks for Kids

These pleated organic face masks are created from 100% organic cotton, grown from a seed native to Maharashtra, India. The material is fed by the rain and with no chemical pesticides, and spun and woven by hand into the fabric without bleach or dyes or other additives or plastic!

With a double layer of handwoven fabric, our organic cotton face masks offer protection for personal use whilst being comfortable, natural and re-usable. The string ties mean the size can be easily adjusted.

Each pack purchased will give a donation to UK charity The Trussell Trust and the khadi social enterprise in India Gram Sewa Mandal, Gopuri where the cotton is grown and processed.

They come in a pack of four so perfect for the whole family to use or just have as spares.

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organic cotton face mask WDICF one size at Nurture Collective
A girl wearing Where Does it Come From Childrens Face Masks at Nurture Collective

3. Organic Cotton Face Masks for Kids

3-pack of accordion face masks with two layers of quilting cotton and elastic that loops behind the ears. Fabric patterns and colours will vary based on availability.

These also come in a multi-pack of three so perfect for the whole family to use or just have as spares.

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Accordion Face Masks by Jackalo at Nurture Collective

3. Muslin Cotton Face Mask for Kids

The masks are made of 100% organic muslin cotton (double layer), which is breathable and does not cause irritations to sensitive skin. Each mask has a special opening, where a filter can be placed. This is one size and suitable for kids until 16 years old.

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Face Masks Blue for kids in blue by Peter Jo at Nurture Collective

These are strange times and some parents may worry about how they will get their children to wear masks. We think setting good examples of how you wear them can help and then practice wearing them for 5mins before you leave the house can also be a great help.

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