1. Its kinder to our planet

Did you know growing cotton is one of the world’s most heavily polluting crop using 16% of the world’s insecticides and 10% of the world’s pesticides.

This puts greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, but with organic farming it actually removes C02 from the atmosphere and soil is healthy and remains full of nutrients.

2. It protects the health of the farmers & workers

Its estimated that 77 million cotton workers suffer poisoning from pesticides every year and it can cause poisoning and all sorts of problems such as infertility and birth defects.

Organic farming protects the workers providing safer alternatives to chemicals and dyes

3. It protects the environment

Keeping the air and waterways clean it protects bird’s animal’s insects and bees so by choosing organic cotton you are helping to look after all animal’s great and small.

4.It protects the workers

Organic farming is certified so it’s fairly traded and regulated which means for the workers there are fair working conditions with rights as well as paying a fair wage so cotton workers can support themselves and their families.

5. It Loves your skin

Organic cotton keeps your skin free from these harsh chemicals. Tests on clothes revel toxic dyes which can be absorbed through the skin, and babies are more prone to this as there skin is five times thinner than adults..

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