Yay! Take our Challenge!

Little People Big change is an ethos we firmly believe in! Our little ones are the future, so we know as parents it’s our responsibility to teach them how to be kind to the world and how to give back!

Teaching our kids good values doesn’t have to be boring we believe it’s all about education through creative play…which is why we are launching our monthly challenges. Each month we will create a new creative challenge that you can work on with your kids, and the best of the bunch wins Nurture collective vouchers and pride of place on our Instagram hall of fame!

This months #littlepeoplebigchange challenge

We love the concept of #craftivism so this month teach your kids to stand up against single-use plastics. We will give you some easy to understand facts about plastic in the ocean to help guide your challenge. Before you know it, you’ll have a little eco-warrior ready to go out into the world and do a whole bunch of goodness!

What should I do?

Plastic bottles seem to sneak up on our family home even though we try our hardest to avoid them. So we challenge you to make them into something useful with a super duper design.

Creative ideas for your plastic bottles

  • Plant pots with cute animal faces on
  • Water Bottle Fish
  • Bird seed holder

Simple facts to guide your creative challenge

  • In 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than those gorgeous little fishies
  • Sometimes the fish and whales eat the plastic, and it makes them poorly
  • Birds and sea creatures can get hurt by plastic straws and bags

Remember to focus on what they can do to create positive change

  • Say no to straws at lunchtime or your friend’s house
  • Use your reusable cup and top it up at the nearest tap or water fountain
  • One for the parents: Try your hand at plastic free lunches. Use beeswax/soy wax wraps for your sandwiches and bento boxes for your snacks.

Want to win some Nurture Collective goodies for your little ones?

  • Post your blooming marvellous creations on Instagram
  • Use the hashtag #littlepeoplebigchange in your post and our fave entry will win a £50 off voucher. It’s that easy!!!

We will be doing the challenge too and will post updates!! We are so excited to see your creations – Best of luck!!!

Some examples of really cool simple upcycling as well as being crafty! Why not give them a try?


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